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All 4 Monrovia Breweries bringing the crowds to the Monrovia Music Fest June 7, 2020

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

The music is bumpin. The weather is perfect. The crowd is vibin', and you are enjoying art and the community around you. This is The Monrovia Music Fest.

This year we will be bringing the best in brews back to Library Park at this 7th annual celebration of music and art on June 7th from 12-7pm. The 2020 Fest will be an amazing day with a variety of bands, a crafty artisan market, tasty food trucks, and plenty of activities for old and young. The event is free but be sure to bring your ID and a coupla' bucks for beer.

Our breweries include Hop Secret, Over Town, Pacific Plate, and Wing Walker, joined by Congregation, and 38° Ale House. Wine specialists, The Saltner, perfectly complete out our Craft Beer and Wine Garden.

Monrovia is now home to four craft brew houses - and we have them all! All of the owners are legit artists, truly passionate about their art. Craft beer fans are true appreciators of the artistry that goes into creating the diverse, unique, custom blended brews that are dominating the adult beverage scene. Phenomenal craft breweries and restaurants make Monrovia a relevant destination in Los Angeles County for food and drink.

Monrovia, the "Gem of the Foothills", keeps tradition alive and close to the heart while also providing modern attractions. One trip up Myrtle Avenue - past the Wizard of Bras and up through charming Old Town - which attracts shoppers, diners, and entertainment seekers from across L.A. - keeps people wanting to come back.

The Monrovia Music Fest helps to make the community shine and we are committed to bringing communities together through music and art.

Discover Monrovia. Discover the Monrovia Music Fest.

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